Meet Our Team - Bora

Meet Our Team - Bora
I dream of a world where everyone living on Earth makes it their personal mission to heal the Earth in unity.  A world where beauty and love is derived from the virility of Earth's life itself. 
The Recycled Planet is a small step towards that future.  As the designer for The Recycled Planet, I am honored by the mission to lead our consumers to products that are truly sustainable. Our mission here is to show our friends that sustainable technology has finally arrived to a level where we can create beautiful things.
Clouds, Ice, Polar bears, the Arctic sky and the hospitality of our Inuit friends were all the inspiration I needed for Designing this collection. We love all of you and hope to see you in one of our Jackets!
About Bora:
Bora An started her life in a small coastal town on the southern coast of South Korea. After graduating with a marketing degree from Parsons school of design and working as a junior marketer, she fell deeply in love with designing outerwear.  This Journey took her to Rome and Back to NY where she designes The Recycled Planet Outerwear.

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