Recycled Planet: An Exciting New Brand

Recycled Planet: An Exciting New Brand

The Recycled Planet Company was recently featured on MR Magazine in an article written by Karen Alberg Grossman. 

"Steve Weisbuch was on the verge of retirement after a successful career in the outerwear business when an opportunity he couldn’t refuse presented itself. With a mission to fuse fashion and function by using only sustainable components, Weisbuch is launching an exciting new outerwear brand for men and women called The Recycled Planet Company.

“For too long, the fashion industry has been making products that ignore the damage we’re doing to our planet,” says Weisbuch. “By joining forces with outstanding partners in design and production, we’ve put together a collection of top quality, tested garments with a true fashion presence.” In other words: sustainable style at affordable pricepoints."

Read the full article here

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