Saving The Planet One Coat at a Time

Outerwear made from sustainable raw and recycled materials


For too long the apparel industry has developed and produced garments with no concern for the environmental damage it was creating. The Recycled Planet produces men’s and women’s fashion outerwear using only recycled, repurposed, and sustainable components; delivering high quality, design driven and eco friendly clothing. You no longer have to choose between fashion and function. Do good by looking good.

What Matters to Us

Designing and manufacturing fashionable collections in an ethical, honest, and educated way constantly looking for new technologies to make the product more environmentally friendly. That means that we only source highly sustainable materials, reducing our carbon footprint for the longevity of the earth and our future generations.  

What We Do

We are a group of experienced fashion industry professionals tired of seeing the unnecessary waste and environmental damage caused by conventional fashion practices. Because of this dysfunction, we have made a commitment to change how we source our materials and manufacture our product to cause the least amount of environmental damage. 

How We Do It

We employ extensive sourcing to find the most sustainable components, using them to make the most fashionable items in our collections. We are always looking for ways to make our product, its packaging and delivery the most environmentally friendly it can be.


We have partnered with experts in design and manufacturing to create a collection of high-quality, stylish outerwear from sustainable raw and recycled materials. The Recycled Planet Company believes in saving the planet, one coat at a time. 

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